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  Previously I had posted an article on Harry Sherry.

 Recently I was browsing through some old automotive magazines and came across an article on Harry Sherry that I would like to share with you. I think this is a wonderful tribute to Harry and for the people that didn’t know or have had the opportunities to meet Harry. After reading this article you will understand why he was known as an automotive LEGEND.

This article appeared in the August issue of the Automotive Service in Canada magazine in 1968.This article was penned by Herschel Fenik.

What I found interesting is that Harry’s workmanship and attention to detail would match the work that is being turned out today by quality builders such as: Bob Alloway, RadRides by Troy and Pro Comp Customs to name a few. The only difference is the shop rate was $7.00 an hour as compared to in the hundreds today plus the modern equipment and computers.

The two vehicles in the article belonged to two members of Kontinentals Rod  and Custom Club of Oshawa. The Model A coupe belonged to Brian Baraball and the 1954 Chev was owned by Wes Keegan.

  The Kontientals Rod & Custom Club and the Igniters Rod & Custom Club amalgamated and became the Motor City Car Club and is still active today. In 2024 M.C.C.C. will be celebrating their 65th Anniversary.

Sherry's Custom Auto
Sherry's Custom Auto
Sherry's Custom Auto
Sherry's Custom Auto


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